VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Treatment


This course is designed to prepare you to enter the specific sector of education and training as a vocational assessor. All the units in this qualification relate directly to the specific job role of vocational assessor.

There are no formal prerequisite qualifications you will need prior to undertaking this qualification, other than being certified in the vocations you wish to teach.

The qualification is specifically designed for the 19+ age group and will support you to gain employment as a vocational assessor. The units contained in this qualification cover all the skills and knowledge required for this role.

This is a practical-based qualification intended for those who assess both occupational competence in the work environment, and vocational skills, knowledge and understanding in environments other than the workplace (i.e. workshop, classroom or other training environment). Entry onto this qualification will require you to have full competence in the vocational subject area that you will be assessing, and you will need access to a cohort of learners, so that you can gather evidence of real assessments.

This qualification includes units covering the principles and practices of assessment, assessing learners’ occupational competence in the workplace and assessing vocational skills and knowledge and understanding of education and training.

What is covered on this qualification?

  • Understand the principles and practices of assessment
  • Assess Occupational competence in the work environment
  • Assess Vocational skills, knowledge and understanding

In addition, this qualification will also cover:

  • Principles and requirements
  • Different types of assessment methods
  • Plan assessments
  • Make assessment decisions
  • Quality assurance
  • Manage information
  • Understand the legal and good practice requirements

How will my NVQ be assessed?

  • Through a range of classroom work activities
  • Through completion of theory tasks and work study packs
  • Through completion of microteaching assessments
  • Through completion of written assignments
  • Group work activities

What could I do once I qualify?

  • Undertake further study such as Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training
  • Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training

What else will I be expected to complete?

Arrange your own work experience at a college or academy (approximately 30 hours to be completed over the course programme)

Duration of the course?

Approximately 6 weeks at one day per week (can vary)

Everyone will complete at their own pace within the time frame given

How is the course funded?

This course can be funded via the government or by private paying – please speak to a member of staff for details

Will I need to study at home?

Yes, it is very important to make sure that you are practicing your practical treatments and working on your assignments or workbooks every week to be able to pass your exams and observations.

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