VTCT Level 4 Diploma in Advanced Beauty Therapy


The Level 4 Diploma in Advanced Beauty Therapy is a vocationally related qualification that is focused on advanced beauty practices for reducing hair growth using intense light and laser treatments and skin rejuvenation using intense light and microdermabrasion. You will also develop an understanding of product chemistry, the physiology of ageing and the principles of dermatology and microbiology.

Entry on to this qualification can be via previous attainment of a Beauty Therapy Qualification at Level 3.

The modules you will study are:

UV40462 – Management of Health, Safety and Security in the Salon

You will evaluate the reliability and effectiveness of risk assessments, justify and monitor newly implemented and existing health, safety and security practices, comply with Health and Safety legislation and regulations, and manage the improvements through monitoring staff.


  • 2 Observations
  • 2 Assignments

UV40461 – Chemistry of Hair and Beauty Products

You will explore the chemistry of active ingredients, the effects and safe use of active ingredients, the properties of packaging materials in relation to there structure, the properties and effects of ultra-violet radiation on Hair and Beauty products and there packaging material.


  • 4 Assignments

UV40463 – Physiology of Aging

This is a preparation for work unit which is based on knowledge and understanding. This unit is about the nature of ageing, causes and effects ageing on the body systems, and beauty treatments and products that may delay the aging process


  • 4 Assignments
  • 1 Exam

UV40464 – Quality Management of Client Care in the Hair and Beauty Sector

You will analyse the client service experience that is on offer in your salon as part of your quality assurance process. You will carry out planned and spot checks, use various methods to gather feedback, recommend improvements, engage your staff with new improvements and follow through with a monitoring process.


  • 1 Observation
  • 2 Assignments

UV60456 – Dermatology and Microbiology

This is a preparation for work unit which is based on capability and knowledge. This unit is about dermatology and microbiology. You will develop knowledge about the structures, functions, diseases and disorders if the skin, hair and nails, and factors affecting their growth. You will also culture bacteria and relate this to salon hygiene.


  • 3 Observations
  • 4 Assignments
  • 1 Exam

UV30430 – Apply Microdermabrasion

This unit is about providing Microdermabrasion treatments to improve the appearance and condition of the skin on the face and body. To carry out this unityou will need to maintain effective health, safety and hygiene procedures throughout your work.


  • 3 Observations
  • 2 Assignments
  • 1 Exam

UV40413 – Laser and Light Treatments for Hair Removal

This unit is about reducing hair growth using intense light and laser systems. You will need to have knowledge of safe working practice and controlling hazards in the salon. You will be able to identify hair and skin conditions and those suitable for laser and light systems treatments. To carry out this unit you will need to maintain effective health, safety and hygiene procedures throughout your work.


  • 3 Observations
  • 2 Assignments

UV40414 – Laser and Light Treatments for Skin Rejuvenation

This unit is about using intense light and laser systems for photo rejuvenation of the skin. The knowledge and skills gained in this unit include preparing for and providing laser and intense pulsed light treatment to treat skin imperfections including telangiectasia, spider naevi, blood spots, fine lines, photo ageing, uneven pigmentation, colour and texture on the face, neck, chest, hands and other body areas with lesions suitable for treatment. You will need to have knowledge of safe working practice and controlling hazards in the salon. You will be able to identify skin conditions and those clients suitable for intense light and laser system treatments.


  • 3 Observations
  • 2 Assignments

UV40467 – Salon Management

This unit provides you with the opportunity to plan and monitor the management of staff, products and services in your salon. You will develop management skills to enable you to:

  • Provide clear recommendations for improvements of working practices
  • Assess employee requirements
  • Conform with legislation
  • Allocate staff to meet operational objectives
  • Review and/or produce salon policies and procedures
  • Monitor work practices
  • Manage the salon in a professional manner.
  • Part of being a good manager is to regularly evaluate your own communication and management style

UV40466 – Public Relations in the Hair and Beauty Sector

Through this unit you will develop your PR skills by:

  • Conducting a campaign
  • Investigating the role of PR officer
  • Exploring the advantages and disadvantages of activities
  • Researching into current trends and evaluating the link between a successful PR event with benefits to your business
  • This unit is suitable for staff working in a hairdressing, barbering and beauty salons

In addition, this qualification will also cover:

  • Contra-indications and contra-actions
  • Benefits of products, disposal of waste products
  • Observation of hygiene and safety practices
  • Anatomy and Physiology of the body
  • Pre-treatment and aftercare advice, client consultation
  • Organizational and legal requirements and record keeping
  • Educational visits related to the Beauty Industry
  • Workshops in Customer Service, Study Skills and Planning your Career Path

How will my NVQ be assessed?

  • Through a range of classroom work activities
  • Through completion of theory tasks and work study packs
  • Through completion of practical treatment assessments
  • Through completion of written assignments
  • Through multiple choice exams
  • Group work activities

What could I do once I qualify?

  • Study an additional Level 3/4 course in a different area in beauty or progress onto an advanced Level 4 course (such as Salon Management, Sports Therapy or Physiotherapy)
  • Progress into a work-based apprenticeship studying a further level 3/4 qualification
  • Potential self-employment as a beauty therapist
  • Potential employment within a salon as a Senior Therapist or Manager
  • Employment as a therapist on a cruise liner, health spa or leisure centre
  • Employment as a Beauty Assessor (Tutor), completing Level 3 Certificate in Assessing

What else will I be expected to complete?

Arrange your own work experience at a local salon (approximately 30 hours to be completed over the course programmed

Duration of the course?

Approximately 6 months at one day per week (can vary)

Everyone will complete at their own pace within the time frame given

How is the course funded?

This course can be funded via the government or by private paying – please speak to a member of staff for details

Will I need to study at home?

Yes, it is very important to make sure that you are practicing your practical treatments and working on your assignments or workbooks every week to be able to pass your exams and observations.

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